Euro rises again in the direction of 1.40 dollars

The euro has risen on Wednesday again in the direction of 1.40 US dollars, after he suffered at last clearly from tributes.

In early trade the communal currency up to 1.3978 dollars and with it cost around half a cent more than in the eve. Already on the Tuesday evening the euro had perceptibly increased. A dollar was worth at last 0.7154 euros. The European central bank (EZB) had the authoritative course on the Tuesday noon still on 1.3833 (Monday: 1.3936) settled.

The euro received impetus already on Tuesday by the view of an other relaxation of the already very expansionary monetary policy in the USA. Because of them weakening US economic situation many members of the central bank of Fed keep such a pace for sensible as it arises from the protocol of the latest central bank meeting of Tuesday evening. The high likelyhood of an other relaxation of the American monetary policy is a principal reason for the dollar weak since weeks.

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