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Eurozone: Industrial production unexpectedly falls in September

In the eurozone the industrial production has sunk in September unexpectedly. In comparison to the previous month the production has liked about 0.9 percent, informed the European statistics authority Eurostat on Friday in Luxembourg. Economists had counted against it on average on a plus of 0.3 percent. In August she had still risen by revised … Continue reading

Weight Watchers

The Weight Watchers International Inc, an US supplier of diet programmes, announced on Tuesday after US close of the stock market that her profit has sunk in the third quarter. Hence, the profit expectations were also missed. Besides, the annual view was lowered. The clear profit amounted to 44.4 million dollars or 59 cents share, … Continue reading

Euro before Portuguese auction less than 1.38 dollars

The euro is consistently weak on the Wednesday morning at the beginning of the European stamped business. Traders speak of a waiting business before the auction informed in the morning of Portuguese state loans. Already on Tuesday in late trade the communal currency had liked under the brand of 1.38 USD. “The problems in the … Continue reading

Google raises salaries by ten percent

Google reaches for the satisfaction of his employees deeply in the pocket: All 23,000 employees of the Internet group get a salary increase of ten percent according to media reports. Google boss Eric Schmidt has announced the increase to the 1st of January in e-mail, among the rest, reported

The mega investors – Where a lot of money is earned part 3/3

The state funds search help. For example, with the inhabitant of New York finance professor Nassim Taleb and with Nouriel Roubini. For years both economists had warned about the real estate bubble and the huge bank dependence. Now Taleb carries on negotiations with CIC. The Chinese could entrust him according to “Wall Street Journal” up … Continue reading

EUR/USD In the next opposition

EUR/USD has run with high tempo to his next opposition with 1.4240 which is estimated topically as not strongly. The next hurdle against it, 1.4260, will probably show a bigger challenge for the currency pair. In the end of 2009 this area served as a strongly fought support. EUR/USD can keep in spite of the … Continue reading

Show time for Ben Bernanke: Counterreaction with the dollar?

Since weeks the markets on this day have a fever: The US central bank under the direction of Ben Bernanke will expand the programme into the takeover of loans – this much is certain. However, around which amount? In which form? And how will Bernanke comment on the measures and on the economic situation? It … Continue reading

The mega investors – Where a lot of money is earned part 2/3

Because of their renitents professional investors like so-called „alternative investments“. Under it exotic arrangements fall like halls of residence, parking bays­, mobile radio towers or railroad lines. Also the often scolded Hedgefonds are fed primarily on investment money from pension cashes like CalPERS. The pension fund for employees of the civil service in California

The mega investors – Where a lot of money is earned part 1/3

Pension funds, assurances and state funds influence the courses all around the globe with her millions. An excursion to the world of the big money. Bill Gross understates the case with pleasure. „It was my very first official invitation to Washington in 35 years“,

EUR/USD US senate remains in democratic hand

The democrats have at least got in the senate to keep the majority. Before the Republicans have already won by the elections for House of Representatives. With it it is to be removed to the Republicans topically not successfully the democrats in both chambers of the congress by the majority. For Barack Obama this is … Continue reading

Close of trading in Asia

In the commercial course on Monday EUR/USD creates the jump more than 1.40 brand. In the Intradayhandel the major moved in a rank of 149 Pips between the today’s high with 1.4011 and the low-pressure area with 1.3862. The currency pair could stand firm at the late night midday pressure and recover about evening. To … Continue reading